I’m not a Texan or a Kansas City slicker. I’m a Snohomish County kid. What I know about epic barbecue I learned from my dad, who learned from his dad, my Tar Heel grandpappy from North Carolina.

I’ve spent years as the “wandering chef” working events and catering, always with the dream of having my own restaurant – a place where the welcome sign is always lit. You could say the dream was born at the same time as my daughter. She’s pretty much followed me around her entire life, in fact, she’s the ‘L’ in J and L BBQ.

So whether you come in to grab take-out on a busy day or stop by for a leisurely meal, we’ll be there, serving up our brand of Northwest hospitality with a hint of hickory…

-Joel Sexton


360-568-7222   or joelsexton@hotmail.com